Why Us

With such a large range of I.T. providers in the market, how does a business choose one above another? With over 5 years of experience and a commitment to understand the I.T. needs of businesses, Smarttech Solutions is now a preferred supplier of I.T. services to small and medium sized businesses.

Whether you’re a small business in need of entry-level I.T. services, Website, Software, and hardware support or a mid-sized enterprise looking for a scalable ‘I.T. partner’,Smarttech Solutions can offer solutions that suit your requirements and your budget.

Why Choose Smarttech Solutions ?

  • Technical knowledge
  • Professional team of experts with broad experience in all programming language
  • We guarantee prices at least 20% lower than the competition.
  • Commitment to customers

Our Visions & Values :

  • Achievement
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • To provide customers with the right solution and experience for their business needs.
  • For our customers, creating “whole of business” solutions, spanning convergent IT solutions, and Content/Online Commerce.

Our History
Smarttech Solutions was established in Sydney in 2005 as a company which provided cheap website development. Fixing clients immediate computer problems, by replacing parts; upgrading technologies and helping clients connect to the Internet. Clients quickly realised the passion & commitment to quality behind Smarttech Solutions, resulting in their request for more services. In response,Smarttech Solutions expanded its repertoire of services to include telephone & electronic helpdesks, I.T. audits, strategic I.T. planning, I.T. consulting, and a highly regarded PC and network maintenance

Smarttech Solutions believe in change as today’s consumer demands change from one day to the next and customers are increasingly critical and value conscious of service offerings. To stay competitive, there is a need to drastically rethink the commercialization of innovations and new products.

Please contact us to acquaint yourself with detailed information