The more gadgets that we own, which were all supposed to be able to reduce stress and keep us informed, the more stressed we become. People leave their homes with their phones and drive around checking their email, texting, or walking down the street.

There is something to be said about not knowing everything at the moment. It would be great to actually walk to the local store, and to see where you are going. As you drive by, take the time to look at the trees, insects, and birds. It is a simple pleasure to be able to drive your car and take in the scenery. Sometimes, we are trying to communicate with one person while simultaneously texting another. No more times are there when you could talk to one person while simultaneously texting another. We live in a multitasking world.

It can be quite depressing to sometimes be disconnected from the grid, unless you worry about what you don’t know. Two things are necessary to live low-tech in this high-tech world.

1. Do not get caught up with the hype. It doesn’t mean you have to update every single time. You don’t have to upgrade every year.

2. Accept that there is always something better than what your have. So, be content with what you have and not dwell on what you don’t have.

Before we speak to our partner, we check our phones and tablets every morning before getting up. Before we say “hey,” to our partners, we can quickly send an email and check the news. There was once a time when we could talk before we left the house. But now, all we hear is “I’m too late, gotta go!”

High tech society has its advantages. There are technologies that make life more enjoyable. However, there is a cost to all of this technology. We connect one-on-one, instead of one to one.

This high-tech society we live in is not something we can escape. Let’s keep in touch with our loved ones, but let’s not lose the joy of living life. Let’s not let our tech control us, but instead let’s make it our own. Let’s have fun with the sun, rain, and breeze. We can also enjoy our loved ones and the gadgets that keep them connected. Let’s find out which gadgets can help us be low-tech in a high-tech world.

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