The current digital trends in music could include everything, from how we record songs to the media we use to put them on to and even how we promote the music. Multimedia is the new norm in the digital age. Instead of looking for a label that will help you get started, DIY is the new trend.

With digital technology at our fingertips, anyone can record and produce an album exactly how they want it. You don’t have to wait for a fancy studio to let you in.

Now it’s time to get the word out about your CD baby. You can create your website using digital downloads and a digital sign up sheet to your mailing list.

Once the site has been built, you can start to get fans on Facebook, Twitter, or even MySpace. Send your mp3s on to these podcast stations, who are eager to hear your indie music.

Once you’ve done this, use your digital phone to stay in touch with your followers through apps. Once you’ve got your fans excited about the new release, book your tour using that little computer.

Point venues to your digital website. Also, send them a digital press kit. This will allow you to save money and encourage them to follow the latest digital trends within the music industry. Digitalize your business and save a tree. This was true yesterday for an 8×10 glossy and a demonstration CD. Do you still send hard copies? They don’t.

Once you’ve booked your tour, don’t forget about the cool features of that digital monster that you keep close to your ears. You can text your friends by taking cool footage of your road trip as well as a live performance from your band at the club.

All of this can be posted on YouTube. Tell your story about how it became a hit with all the media options available to indie artists these days. Next, send one more tweet, a message to your wall, and ask your fans to download your favorite song from iTunes immediately. This will ensure that your song rises to the top of iTunes’ top downloads.

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